movieola scribe EOL

is a clever audio transcription tool, intuitiv and easy to handle. It merges a simple, yet powerful text editor with a sophisticated media player in one window. This enables to edit text and navigate through audio recordings simultaneously without touching the mouse. Time stamps can be inserted into the text and let you easily locate media for repeating playbacks. movieola scribe is intended to be used by everyone that need to transcript any kind of audio. Whether you are an assistant, student, journalist or an expert, movieola scribe let you focus on your work.

> download movieola scribe

Scribe-Screenshot-1000x557Key features

  • Transcript and navigate through audio recordings simultaneously
  • J-K-L driven navigation, used by most media player
  • Accurate and fast responding timeline slider 
  • Insert location markers as time stamps into text on the fly
  • Markers provides hyperlinks for easy media access.
  • Time stamps with simple counter or professional media timecode
  • Time stamps displayed as hours, minutes and seconds, yet frameprecise
  • Switchable timedisplay, counter time (A) or media timecode (T)
  • Digital audio with steady pitch range
  • Variable playback from 50% up to 100% speed for easy transcription
  • Adjustable media preroll to replay media seconds ahead a time stamp
  • Maintaining multiple documents parallel
  • Automatically loading hyperlinked media when opening document
  • Find and replace text with Apples standard textfinder interface
  • Save text in different formats (RTF, plain text, Word, PDF) 
  • Formatted printing 
  • Available for Intel Macs from OS-X 10.7 (Lion) upwards