movieola play EOL

is a simple, yet powerful media player with a timecode reader and generator .
movieola play offers what media professionals expect: Simple, intuitiv handling and having access to a wide range of digital media.

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Key features:

  • No startup windows, no project, ready to playback HD video below a second (launch time)
  • Intuitiv drag & drop from any folder, local or shares (LAN)
  • Navigation with keyboard (J-K-L) mouse or external shuttle device
  • Variable speed : slomotion – realtime – fastmotion up to 40 x realtime
  • Tapelike audio pitch shift in slow- and fastmotion (up to 4 x realtime)
  • GotoTime function with frame precision for video and 1/100 sample precision for audio
  • Permanent visible timedisplay with frame numbers (SMPTE standard)
  • Floating timedisplay in fullscreen mode, timecode characters only, or with mediainfos
  • Time-Modes switchable : Timecode, Absolut-Time (counter), Remain-Time
  • 8 Track audiomixer with solo and latch functions
  • Timecode reader and generator (SMPTE/EBU standards)
  • Aspect ratio correction for DV/SD PAL/NTSC movies
  • Resize movieview in fix sizes (100%, 50%, 25%) or in 2% steps
  • Dual monitor support. Playback on both screens.
  • All videoformats (4K,2K,HD, PAL, NTSC, DF, NDF )
  • Playback all codecs available on your system
  • Available for Intel Macs with OSX 10.6 and upwards

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movieola pro EOL

enhances „play“ with a professional logging tool that supports annotating footage with sophisticated functionality.
Just play and log.

> download movieola pro

PRO 01

Key features

Same functionality as movieola play, with additional log features … 

  • Log and annotate in one pass or log and annotate later
  • Log Mark IN and OUT or IN only
  • Multiple annotations for markers with equal time values
  • Loading clips instantly while browsing loglist
  • Viewing clips clicking log IN or OUT
  • Replay IN to OUT
  • Find text and timecode in the loglist
  • XML export to FCP 7 and FCP X ( as simple marker or as keywords)
  • XML export to PremierePro CS6 an CC
  • Advanced Avid Marker export, choosable tracks und color for IN and OUT marker
  • Insert IN and OUT timecode into Avid Marker commentry
  • TSV and CSV (tab & comma delimited file) export to spreadsheet and database apps (i.e. Filemaker)
  • Available for Intel Macs with OSX 10.6 and upwards


PRO 02

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The big picture

movieola supports up to two screens. When you have one screen only you can view your media in a resizeable window or fullscreen. When you have two screens available you can view your media on one screen in a window and parallel fullscren on the second screen. Like in the example below. No matter which setup you have, you‘ll have a pretty good readable timecode display available on the screen.


2monitore Kopie



Screenshots of log examples exported to Final Cut Pro 7 , Final Cut Pro X , Premiere Pro and Mediacomposer





alllows duration for markers and presents a keyed red box in the timeline with marker name and commentry. Drag a XML File to the browser and you‘re ready to go…



allows also duration for markers but does not enable one to to set them nor to edit. Too bad also, there is no marker overlay in the viewer. Not yet …





Adobe Premiere

adopts XML protocol from FCP 7. But strange, the one CS6 accepts, CS5 does not.. More work to do here …






Media Composer 6

Too bad, it is not that easy to work with importetd markers like with FCP. But once established you can create interesting workflows with them. For instance, you can set and import markers to each single track. Now let‘s see how may tracks does my MC have ? Including the TC track, the Meta track …