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add and store timecode of your choice into .mov files Clips coming from a GoPro cam or other cams mostly not provide timecode with their media. Use tcAgent to resync movies for postproduction, allowing apps like FCP, Mediacomposer, Premiere Pro and others to sync rebatched clips at the right position in the timeline. Using tcAgent is straightforward. [...]

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Version 1.3.4 released

--------------------------------- ENGLISH realing movieola v.1.3.3 and earlier --------------------------------- It was possible that under certain circiumstances a relative jump backwards like "-10" frames via the GoTo Panel wasn't executed Fixed in movieola v1.3.4. ----------------------------------- DEUTSCH betrifft movieola v.1.3.3 und davor ----------------------------------- Unter bestimmten Umständen konnte es vorkommen dass ein relativer Sprung rückwärts, z.B. "-10" frames nicht augeführt [...]

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movieola pro and movieola play final version released

We are happy to announce, that movieola pro and movieola play entered the final version. From now on you can purchase both Products in our Online Store. If you like to test movieola pro, just download it, it runs in Demomode without entering a License Code. Please note : The movieola demo version has limitations: - [...]

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