movieola_01 movieola pro
View and annotate footage with a professional media player. Read and generate Timecode, show native aspect ratio and export XML logs to a variety of apps like Final Cut Pro, Mediacomposer and Premiere Pro. > more info
scribe_icon movieola scribe
Transcript audio recordings, insert time stamps and navigate through media clips simultaneously.

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movieola_rec movieola rec
movieola rec provide Mac users with powerful and cost effective ingest capabilities as well as multi-station ingest control.

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tc_agent2 tcAgent
add and store timecode of your choice into .mov files. Clips coming from a GoPro cam or other cams mostly not provide timecode with their media. Use tcAgent to resync movies for postproduction, allowing apps like FCP, Mediacomposer, Premiere Pro and others to sync rebatched clips at the right position in the timeline.

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